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Information for Session Leaders

TechNet 2012
NTLP's Fifth Annual Conference for Library Technology

Session Leaders:

Thank you for your interest in leading a session at TechNet. Please fill out the online Session Information Form as soon as possible.

Handouts for your presentation should be provided to NTLP in electronic format no later than the date indicated on the Session Information Form.

See below for guidelines regarding handouts.

Some Tips and Guidelines for Conference Session Leaders

Session Content

Attendees at our previous conferences have indicated a preference for “how-to” sessions whenever the topic lends itself to such. For example: a session on blogging would not only define blogs, but provide specific instructions or demonstration on creating a blog.

Length of Session

Please note that the length of your session, as indicated on the schedule and on the Professional Services Agreement, includes time for Questions and Answers. Whether you choose to accept questions throughout your session, invite them at the end, or both, it is important that your session end on time so that NTLP staff can get into the room and set it up for the following session.

Session Hosts

A volunteer Session Host will be present throughout your session. That person is responsible for the following tasks:
  • Provide CE-credit stickers to the people in your audience.
  • Communicate with NTLP staff, if necessary, before the session or while it’s underway, so that you can focus solely on your presentation (and possibly winging it until help arrives).
  • Introduce you. Feel free to provide the host with a prepared introduction if you want. Otherwise, they may simply read directly from the printed conference program or simply provide your name and session topic.
  • Hold up, as appropriate, signs reading LOUDER PLEASE, 5 MINUTES LEFT, 3 MINUTES LEFT and TIME’S UP.
  • At last session before lunch: remind attendees of lunch arrangements.
  • At final session of the day: remind attendees about doorprizes.

Green Policy Regarding Handouts

NTLP's Conferences operate under a green policy. We ask that Session Leaders provide their handouts to NTLP in advance, either a link to their online handouts or the handouts themselves, in electronic format. NTLP will post the handouts on the Conference website. Participants should print, before the conference, handouts for the sessions they plan to attend.

Unless we receive the handouts by the deadline indicated on the Session Information Form, there is no guarantee that we can have them posted before the conference. If you have handouts for your session but do not provide them to NTLP by that deadline, please plan to provide, at the conference, at least 50 sets of handouts per session you'll be providing.

Handout Guidelines

Please limit file size to no more than 1 MB in size or 6 pages per document.

We prefer handouts in PDF format. If you give us a Word Document or PowerPoint presentation (PPT file), we will convert it to PDF ourselves, making our own decisions about formatting options.

Note that, in order to avoid giving away the content of a presentation before the conference, NTLP does not post PowerPoint presentations until after the conference. If you want attendees to have copies during the conference, you will need to provide 50 sets at the beginning of your session presentation.

If your PowerPoint presentation is to be posted after the conference (even if you choose to send it to NTLP in advance), please be sure that text is large enough to be legible when printed with multiple slides per page. If you are producing the PDF file of your presentation, please verify that the text will be legible in the multiple-slide format.

NTLP does not post videos or slideshows (including PowerPoint PPS files) as handouts. Instead we encourage conference presenters to provide a handout containing links to videos or slideshows available on the Internet.

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