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Information for Volunteers

TechNet 2012
NTLP's Fifth Annual Conference for Library Technology


Thank you for your interest in serving as a volunteer at TechNet. The success of the conference depends largely on volunteer help.

1. Please review the list of volunteer tasks below and, if you decide to volunteer, complete the Volunteer Form, and then send it by mail or scanned attachment to the Conference Coordinator.

2. Include with that form a message indicating which of the following tasks you are willing to do for the upcoming TechNet Conference. You may want to help with more than one task during the day. NOTE that times for various tasks are indicated so that youíll know what time you need to arrive or leave if itís outside the posted time of the conference.

Conference tasks for which volunteers are needed.
Task Time
Make sure that all rooms have been set up as requested. 7:30-9 a.m.
Work with NTLP Tech Staff to see that presentation equipment in each room is as requested, appropriately set-up and ready for use.
Post exhibitor name signs over appropriate spaces.
Post outdoor & indoor signage other than exhibitor name signs.
Limit entry to Gorman Hall; no attendees before 10 a.m.
Help with EXHIBITOR Sign-In.
Help set-up the ATTENDEE sign-in area.
Help with ATTENDEE sign-in.
See that presentation equipment in each room is as requested, appropriately set-up and ready for use by the next session leader.During each break
Host a session. (See responsibilities below.)During break-out sessions
Help set up the poster frames in Poster Sessions room 12:30-12:45
Help take down & pack up the poster frames in Poster Sessions room2:00-2:15 p.m.
Help NTLP staff with signage removal, clearing of trash & then with pack-up.Last session
Help NTLP staff collect all NTLP-owned electronics and presentation supplies, inventory it and load it into cars.During doorprize giveaway


Specific instructions will be provided at the conference; the following is an overview.

  • Serve as liaison to NTLP staff in order to keep the session and the session leader from being distracted or interrupted unnecessarily.

  • Distribute CE/CPE credit stickers.

  • See that the session begins on time; introduce the session leader.

  • Record the number of attendees in the room at the midpoint of the session.

  • Hold up signs at appropriate times to let the session leader know when to increase volume, when timeís nearly up and when the session should be ending.

  • Help the session leader move belongings and conversations out of the room so that preparations can be made for the next session.

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